Vogue Italia

 This week we are proudly presenting 3 special photographs of our horses. They were taken by Kelly Vermeil who has ridden with us for 20 years. She is a terrific rider, true friend, rising artist and a photographer who has recently been honored by Vogue Italia selecting 12 of her photographs .  3 of these feature JCF horses. They are genuine works of art. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


Phil The Grip



Some Jumps and a Banjo

The beautiful weather inspired everyone.  Some riders jumped their first course ever, some their first in a decade and others refined their techniques.  Enjoy this fast paced glimpse of some over fences fun!

Spring 2012 Horse Show

Hey Everyone!

This was such a fun and unforgettable weekend! It was Da Gullah’s and Deby’s first horse show and they were spectacular.  Benson and Stacie made some really big improvements and we were so proud of Stacie!! Joyce and Red were so amazing on the flat! They are always such a joy to watch 🙂 Chandler did DG and Red over fences and they all did such an amazing job!  Chandler was running from horse to horse all morning..git her exercise in for the week 🙂 Hope you all enjoy!!

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Folks!!

Here is a little glimpse of how our weekend went.  First off a big congratulations to Joyce and Red!! Reserve Champion in Hopeful Hunter on Sunday! They were so amazing, and not only that but we were done and home by 9am.  How cool is that? Red got to spend the rest of the day out with his friends. Back at JCF we had a great group down in the ring.  Chandler came home to visit for the day, which is always a wonderful treat! Leslie did an amazing job with Da Gullah.  They are making leaps and bounds so quickly, keep an eye on them 😀 Erin and Justin did a great job together, She can’t wait to get on him later this week! Susan and Phoenix were perfect as always, I am sure it’s the pink bell boots Susan got for him! Overall, it was a perfect weekend with perfect weather and the BEST company!